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Habet Lulu

When the owner of Habet Lulu (which means "white pearl" in English) contacted us, he had - except for a few scattered elements - no clear idea of ​​the desired identity.  


After several meetings, we defined - according to the physical project and expectations of the management team - the concept of this modern and accessible traditional lebanese restaurant.  


Hence resulted the identity of Habet Lulu, first in Arabic calligraphy and then in English.  

If the white pearl is not represented in the logo it's because it only has a symbolic place in Lebanon, whose actual emblem is the cedar.  


The chosen colors were inspired by the identity of Abidjan based "Grain de Sel" Catering Service, also conceptualized by us.  


The identity defined, we then realized the business card of the management team, the menu in Arabic and English, and started the development of the restaurant web device.


Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Google Maps, Google My Business ... long story short, everything has been set up for Habet Lulu to be accessible to everyone at any time, from any device.  


The website should be realized by 2016.

Visual Identity (Ar. / Eng.) 

Business Cards

Menu (Eng. / Ar.)

Online Menu (Eng. /Ar.)

Google +

Google My Business Google Maps 

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Web App 


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